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    Bug in REST Create Token by Folder Id w type=iCalendar

    Sanford Whiteman

      As alluded to in Create Calendar Token via REST API  pretty sure this endpoint has a bug.  Perhaps it's a failure of documentation.  It would be good if someone else could repro this if they're into the API.


      When using type=iCalendar and passing an exact replica of an existing, UI-created iCalendar token (exact other than changing the name and Subject) as fetched via Get Tokens by Folder Id, the Create invocation works fine: 200, no warnings nor errors in the response, token value echoed correctly.  


      The request payload is urlencoded with the value set to stringified, escaped JSON:


           {\"subject\":\"ICSTestToken2\",\"location\":\"My Desk\" ... }


      A subsequent Get Tokens by Folder Id shows the new token. It looks exactly like the original.


      But the token store (if you will) for the program is apparently corrupted by this action.  None of the existing tokens can be read via the UI, nor used in emails, etc.  The UI throws up an error "Error Loading Report", which I believe is directly due to /folder/getTokenData returning an empty response (it too returns a 200, but has no data).


      Creating the same token as type=text creates no errors, so the only variation is the use of type=iCalendar.


      Comments?  Repros?