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Add query string on PPC ad that appends to Marketo form as hidden field

Question asked by 10529 on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by ee39baa506054a9c4ee1c279f687dd6d49907b01

     Our PPC vendor is currently driving traffic to our main website (not to a specific PPC landing page/form). We are able to see leads that enter the site via PPC and converted by filling out a web form (as we've added code onto all of our success pages). However we are not able to track this back to a particular lead without manually matching the time stamps of the PPC conversion to the time a lead submitted that particular form.
     Our PPC vendor wanted to know if we can add a query string from our PPC ads and append/pass that data to the marketo form they use on our site, as a hidden field. This would allow us to see that “john smith” clicked through from a PPC ad and submitted the form -- allowing us to report on PPC ROI.

     Has anyone done something like this before? We are currently in testing mode with this vendor, but when we reach volume we'll absolutely need automation to know which lead came via PPC (ie through a hidden field, which would update their lead source to PPC).

     Thank you!