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Questions regarding Marketo-SFDC integration

Question asked by LookBook HQ on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Grégoire Michel


I am new to the Marketo-SFDC integration and would appreciate your help getting the following clarified:

  1. Does the integration between Marketo and SFDC map every field that the SFDC integration user has access to a marketo field?
  2. what is “CloudingoAgent” that precedes some of the fields in the integration area. I have noticed that all the sfdc fields that are preceded with the “CloudingoAgent” are fields that do not exist in SFDC.
  3. In the main integration screen, i see 2-1 mapping and 1-1 mapping. What do these headings indicate?
  4. I do not see the “sync lead to SFDC” flow action in marketo, does that take time to appear after enabling integration? i have had it enabled for 2+hours now.
  5. Do I need to take any extra steps to enable the opportunity sync? I do not see opportunities as one of the listed objects to be synced between marketo and sfdc.
  6. Finally, how do I disable the integration between the two platforms: is that done with the "Break Mapping" option?