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Removing the 'is Anonymous' filter - That's A TERRIBLE IDEA

Question asked by 981de0b84219d3ac0408cbb4689cfbc7e0c71f69 on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Mike Reynolds


Does anyone have a suggestion, per the below rant, now that the 'is anonymous' filter is being removed.


I hope I'm not the only one saying this, but removing the 'is anonymous' filter is one of the most shortsighted and perhaps most 'bone-headed' moves you can make.  I feel a sales pitch about RTP about to happen, but more importantly you have essentially removed the reason we've bought into Marketo in the first place...  The ability to convey information to other tools in the LaunchPoint ecosystem to INTELLIGENTLY TARGET anonymous people  - is now gone.


I don't want to lose QUALITY -  TOP OF FUNNEL targeting.  The ability to HYPERTARGET unknowns who have made desirable actions on my site using ADBRIDGE will be lost, and my 'closed loop reporting' is fractured because I will need to action things from an outside system... Is this not Lead Gen (remarketing) 101???  How do I target these people now?


You have to realize, that you have essentially removed our ability to action anything on anonymous people, and that makes me very upset and angry because as a Non-Profit we have been stripped of a valuable capability ingrained available in the database and a large portion of our data is being held hostage.... SO, if 80% of my database is not being used, I would expect an 80% reduction in the cost of the tool.


Apologies for going into a rant about this, but this is a most TERRIBLE IDEA and I'm actually quite frustrated about this: