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    Highest performing e mails

      I am putting together an EOY report and I am interested to know how our metrics stack up against others in a B2B space. Is there somewhere that has an anonymous average or metrics of e mails, or is that something anyone cares to share? I am specifically interested in audience number, %opened, %clicked, %click - open, %unsubscribe. Any takers?

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          Mark Rentschler

          Good question, Leslie. Thanks for posing it to the group. I have looked at a few benchmark reports from other email service providers like MailChimp, Silverpop, etc. Those are usually split up by industry, company size, etc. so you can get a feel for how you stack up against your peers. Every sample audience is different, though, so the best benchmark to work on is your own.


          Mine look to be pretty close to the averages: ~30k db size, 23.3% open, 2.2% click, 9.2% click/open, 0.9% unsubscribe

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