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Problems with email editor today?

Question asked by Sarah Samuels on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Dory Viscogliosi

Hi all.

I've been using the new email editor for a while without any problems, but today it is playing up.  For example:

- everytime I insert a hyperlink, either in the code view or wysiwyg, it inserts a line break into my email template.  So now, I have gaps in my email and the CTA buttons are twice the height they should be.

- everytime I insert a new image, it also inserts a line break.

Usually when this happens, I can see a rogue </br> tag in the HTML, which I simply delete.  However today there isn't such a tag in the code for me to delete.


Also, when I double click an editable area, as I usually do to edit some text, the font appears differently.  This one's not a big deal as it doesn't change the font when I save it, just a bit strange.


Is anyone else having similar issues?