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    Problems with email editor today?

    Sarah Samuels

      Hi all.

      I've been using the new email editor for a while without any problems, but today it is playing up.  For example:

      - everytime I insert a hyperlink, either in the code view or wysiwyg, it inserts a line break into my email template.  So now, I have gaps in my email and the CTA buttons are twice the height they should be.

      - everytime I insert a new image, it also inserts a line break.

      Usually when this happens, I can see a rogue </br> tag in the HTML, which I simply delete.  However today there isn't such a tag in the code for me to delete.


      Also, when I double click an editable area, as I usually do to edit some text, the font appears differently.  This one's not a big deal as it doesn't change the font when I save it, just a bit strange.


      Is anyone else having similar issues?