Marketo making strides in diversity, Momentum gets a shout out

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Check out this great article Marketo's CEO wrote about the steps we're taking as a company to make a meaningful change in advancing diversity.


Cracking tech's diversity code-—commentary 


I share this not to make a plug for Marketo, but rather to start a discussion. Phil mentions Momentum, an initiative designed to drive an awareness and dialog around the challenges that face women in the workplace, as one of the ways our company is moving the needle. I lead this program because it is very important to me and I saw an opportunity to make a difference. The initiative started a little more than a year ago, and it's only just begun. We've had speakers like Sue Bostrom, former Executive VP and CMO of Cisco (and Marketo's first female board member) and most recently Clara Shih, CEO and founder of Hearsay Social. You can read about both of them below if you are interested.


Sue Bostrom Shares Her Wisdom with the Women of the Marketing Nation

Discussion: Clara Shih, Well Known Technology Leader


So, I open the question to you. What changes or steps, no matter how big or small, are you making in your organization's to move the needle toward cracking the code? If you're not yet making any, what changes would you like to see?


I look forward to your responses!