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How to send event email to leads linked to a Marketo campaign in salesforce

Question asked by 2de034103da34a898312068afe3e1827b76d4c19 on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by 2de034103da34a898312068afe3e1827b76d4c19

I have set up an Event Program in Marketo and have created all the email assets.

Our Marketo is synced with Salesforce and specific leads in Salesforce have been assigned to the campaign (event program).


What I can't figure out how to send the initial email to these leads.


When I select the event in Marketo, all the assigned leads are visible under the members tab.

I have set up a smart list to send email to 'members of the program', but those members do not appear under the leads tab in the smart list.


Is there a step I'm missing?

Or is this not possible do I need to export the list from salesforce and import it into Marketo?