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URL Paramters Best Practices?

Question asked by Tyler Harris on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Stijn Heijthuijsen

Hi All,


Currently I've got a Lead Source and Lead Source Detail field as URL parameters. These fields are being managed and synced from Salesforce.


Right now we're using Lead Source as "Social Media, PPC, Tradeshow etc" and Lead Source Detail as the Campaign/Program name.


Not best practice I know, but I would like to start tracking what mediums(i.e. if a Lead Source is webinar, how did a lead get here? Email, Twitter, etc) are driving people to our Marketo Programs.


I was going to create a Medium and Campaign Name field/parameters and enable Salesforce track history changes so we can report on historical data.


Is this best practice? What are you guys doing to track Medium on a Program2Program basis? Or do you track each medium as its own separate program?


What other parameters are you all capturing? How do you handle A/B tests?


Appreciate your response.