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reducing the number of leads

Question asked by Colby Dix on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Liliana Cheng

so you know how it goes... we all want a nice robust pipeline with as many leads as possible, but when MKTO comes calling to let you know (nicely) that you are well beyond your 'tier' cap for leads, you start thinking about some proper pruning. I'd like to get the discussion going here by saying what I'm thinking of doing for clean-up, and I welcome any comments or criticism of well, if you have your own best practices to share, please feel free, I'd appreciate any and all input.


Unsubscribes - well they don't count against our lead total, so that's no biggie

Inactive for over a year - I say we jettison

2 hard bounces in the past 90 days - this is sort of a random and not a huge amount, but too many hard bounces and really, why are we bothering?

invalid emails - this is the one where I want some real input. how are you all handing invalid emails? i was thinking of at least quantifying it a bit based on lead status, which i know not everyone is using consistently, but in our case we have a excellent lead status and flow going, so i can just delete suspects and unqialifieds as opposed to prospects and any qualified leads. this could help me significantly.

duplicate emails - how are you all de-duping? manually? it's a pretty big pile but seems worth attacking in our case.


what else are you doing? thanks so much!