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    Is that possible to add member from lists to program?


      I would like to know is any way to add member from manually uploaded lists to the member of program through smart campaign only, so that I do not need to manual upload again? It seems from changing data value, only can change as "acquisition" to a new program, but in fact, it is not really acquired and we do not want that happen.



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          Alex Stanton

          If I understand correctly, you have list A, which you uploaded as part of program A and you also want people to be part of program B. If that is the case, then, all you need to do is to make a smart campaign that will change program status on program B.


          The smart campaign would be like this:


          SMART LIST:

          Member of List = program A.list A


          Change program status = program B > member

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              Josh Hill

              There are three ways to add people to a program

              1. As Alex described (or any trigger or smart campaign)
              2. import a list directly into the Member tab
              3. lead fills out a local Form in that Program


              if the lead is new to the system, the lead will be marked as Acquired By that program (or net new). You can set the Acquisition Program with a Change Data Value step, but this should only be done if Acquisition Program/Program Name IS EMPTY.


              As for importing, I highly recommend importing into a Static List for each upload. And that you split the intended Member Statuses into separate files and therefore separate static lists:

              • Registered
              • Attended
              • No Show
              • etc...


              this helps avoid situations where an error was made and you have no idea which leads went where and then you end up with a lot of manual work.