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    Prefil email field using url parameter

    Chantelle Tapsell

      We have a scenario where customers will phone or email our Contact Centre directly and ask to be unsubscribed. Our CC staff do not have access to Marketo and we do not have a CRM to manage this.  They have asked that:


      1. When a customer contacts us directly, our CC staff will provide that customer with a URL
      2. The URL will be a Marketo (unsubscribe) landing page, with the email address prefilled.
      3. The customer will then go to that landing page, with their email address prefilled, and confirm they wish to be unsubscribed by clicking on the unsubscribe button.


      My question is, without access to Marketo, is there a way for our CC staff to generate a URL of the unsubscribe landing page, that allows email address prefil?  Something that would simply require them to just update the email address in the URL each time?