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Adding Custom activities and  Activity logs using rest api.

Question asked by abb7f746e146bcde6a9527a5a71a04d001e7436f on Sep 10, 2015
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We are in process of integrating marketo with our platform and here is a use case that we not able to solve using rest api.


1. We have some custom activities we want track which are not available  on marketo. Like for example creating a project or an organization. I know there is an Rest API endpoint for adding custom activities, but it requires a activityTypeId. Where can i find that?   


2. Now every time a lead perform any of these custom activities we want to insert a record in the leads activity log using REST API (because we can only verify in the backend that activity is performed, Button Click wont work for us). I could not find an endpoint for this.  Is it possible to perform this action using a REST api endpoint? if Yes can you please point me to the page? if no is there a reason this is not available or is it not recommend to insert activity log records using an API call.


Any help is highly appreciated.