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    Email-only program member does not later sync program with SFDC when sufficient fields are populated

      I have a subscribe program built, so when someone fills out the subscribe form (email only), it adds them to the Marketo program. That part works fine. When that is attached to a record that is already in Salesforce, it syncs over fine and adds them to the SFDC campaign as intended.


      The issue is when the subscribe action is the first action - not enough info yet to sync with SFDC. When a second form is filled out that gets enough info to sync (name, email, company), the record is created in Salesforce, but the connection to the subscribe campaign doesn't come over. I consider a subscription to be a campaign response, and want a campaign to be associated in Salesforce, but if the subscription is the first response, this causes a hole in campaign reporting.


      Suggestions on how to ensure these show up when they're the first response?