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Adjusting PC display to 125% breaks email design but only from Marketo

Question asked by 46da8947ee6cad3a271f0231ad8004e8fb8627f1 on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2015 by 46da8947ee6cad3a271f0231ad8004e8fb8627f1

I am testing an email template in Marketo and I have a consistent bug wherein if my (PC Lenovo) display is set to 125%  my text increases, but the image does not. Hence, the table breaks and the email displays incorrectly.


However, when the same HTML email is sent from LItmus, the email looks fine. I am viewing the email in Outlook 13 in both cases. Can anyone offer insight? Why would it break in Marketo but not when sent from a different ESP? What might be the problem? So far Marketo tech support has been unhelpful.