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Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

Question asked by 13099 on Mar 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by Rich Miller
Hi, hope someone can assist with the following scenario.

Working in an organisation with several business units, I have the example setup:

Workspace 1 has access to Lead Partition A
Workspace 2 has access to Lead Partition B

Suppose I have a program in Workspace 1 which has a landing page with a form and a smart trigger campaign monitoring form fillouts. A new lead fills out the form and thus enters Lead Partition A. The smart trigger campaign of the program in this workspace also triggers for this lead.

If a copy of this program is in workspace 2 and the same lead fills out the copy form afterwards:

1) The smart trigger campaign in the program in Workspace 2 will not trigger. I assume this is because workspace 2 does not have access to the Lead in Partition A

2) No duplicate is created.

3) The details and the activity log of the lead in Partition A details are still updated.

Is this the default behaviour of how lead partitions work in Marketo?

If so, is it possible that there might be some "custom settings" Marketo support can modify so that in this scenario:
i) Another lead record "with the same email address" is created in Lead Partition B. The desired result is that if the lead fills out a form in workspace 1, the smart campaign in workspace 1 triggers for the lead record in partition A.
If the lead fills out a form in workspace 2, the smart campaign in workspace 2 triggers for the lead record in partition B.

ii) If the above is not possible, would it be possible to have the smart campaign in Workspace 2 still able to trigger despite the lead is in partition A?

I read the discussion at but I'm not sure if Custom De-duping is related to this problem.

Looking forward to some suggestions.

Thank you for your time.