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    Marketo Partners

      Hi, is there a list of Marketo partners published anywhere? We are looking at purchasing a tool that will help us with booth scans at tradeshows. Any suggestions?


      Thank you!


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          Most trade shows have proprietary lead retrieval systems. You have to rent their equipment (or license their app) in order to scan badges and retrieve the attendee registration data. Some lead retrieval systems will have an API that will push data into Marketo--but not as easily as I think you're thinking it will be.


          Without the proprietary system, you can set up a registration kiosk of some sort--desktop, laptop or tablet-based, but you won't receive any of the show registration data.

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            Josh Perry

            I have looked at and tried several of the badge scanning companies that integrate with Marketo. Pretty much all of them require you to pay for the API for each show. The benefit is making the app consistent for every show, and getting the leads directly into your system. At Event is a Marketo partner. I like their tool a lot, however, they only work with a small number of other lead retrieval companies. The best one that I have found that integrates with the most shows is Zuant. They are based in Europe, but do have people here in the US. We really liked their tool. I would check them out.

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                Mary Martin

                I would agree, I have used Zuant for a few years and in comparison to any other options they have been great. I implemented them before we had Marketo but have been wanting to talk more with them about their Marketo integration. Their product was always more robust than most and has continued to improve usability and features which is always exciting!