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Most of what I post about here in Marketo relates to Marketing Automation (with the exception being when I post about my kids ). But, for Women's History Month I wanted to take a moment to recognize someone who I met several years ago, Ajaita Shah, who is the founder of Frontier Markets which sells solar products in rural India. While this might not sound like much to us, Ajaita manufactures and distributes products which give people electricity and clean energy solutions. Something that we often take for granted, without which we wouldn't be able to utilize marketing automation (among other things), she brings to people who live in locations where the infrastructure doesn't exist.  


While there are so many wonderful things that I could say about Ajaita, I think that her accomplishments speak for themselves. Recognized in the 2014 Forbes 30 Under 30, she is also in the running for 2016 Women of Tomorrow, and she has had countless different lists recognize her in between. There are many, many high-profile women who are helping to make tomorrow better, and develop tomorrow's leaders, but I thought that this would be a really great opportunity to spotlight a lesser-known person who is constantly working to change and improve the lives of others.


Look her up You'll be glad you did!