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Earlier this year, TIME unveiled Firsts, a multimedia project featuring candid interviews with 46 groundbreaking women. Each one features women who have broken the glass ceiling in their field - tech, Hollywood, politics, sports, science, etc. All of the photos were even shot on an iPhone by Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr. (Read more about behind the scenes here: Time Covers of Hillary Clinton, Selena Gomez Shot on iPhone |


Some of these women — Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Aretha Franklin — we know well, and others we'll get to know better through their stories of setbacks and success. Others, you may be meeting for the first time. All of them are extraordinary.


I'm so inspired by these stories! TIME Firsts: Women Leaders Who Are Changing the World |


Which of these profiles stood out to you? What firsts have you accomplished in your own life and/or career?



"Of Fortune 500 companies, only 21 are led by women. That’s only 4% representation; even the Senate has around 20% women. But the question is, why does this matter? Is the issue of gender parity in the workplace really an issue?"


What could happen if more women were in leadership positions?

  • Leveling of the gender pay gap
  • More diverse voices = better solutions
  • More skilled negotiations
  • More mentors + role models for future female leaders


Read more: The Importance of Women in Leadership Positions (via


What do you believe we could achieve if we had more women in leadership positions?