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These are the links to all the exam topics covered on the new MCE.  You can click on them and it will take you to the full list.  I have added a short description of the things that are covered on each section so you have an idea.


Program Fundamentals  - This section covers: Engagement Programs, Event Programs, Smart Campaigns, Flow Steps, A/B Testing, Program Set Ups and Program Statuses.

Targeting and Personalization - Tokens, dynamic content and smart lists.

Analytics and Reporting - You need to understand the different types of reports and the functionality that it is available for each of them. When you would you use them?

Lead Management - Understand sales stages, lead scoring, lead behaviours, setting up alerts and interesting moments.

Implementation and Operations - Understand emails, landing pages, forms, unsubscribes, marketing suspended, data normalization, hard bounces, soft bounces.


My suggestion is to start working with the topics that you are less familiar.  More resources for each topic are provided on each link.


Note: This is a work in progress guide aiming to assist with the Certification process. 

In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


  • Identify the use of operational and nonoperational emails for event invitations, confirmations, and reminders.                                                                    
  • Given a scenario about a form, identify how to determine the leads who filled out the form on a specific page.
  • Identify the differences between using local vs. global landing pages.
  • Identify how to change the URL of a landing page.
  • Given a scenario with form visibility rules, identify how the form should be set up so dependent fields show appropriately.
  • Identify the purpose and value of using progressive profiling.
  • Identify the purpose of hidden form fields and the means of populating those fields.
  • Identify how to display thank you pages using choices that are based on information collected on a form.
  • Given a scenario where a company web page exists and a Marketo form needs to be deployed, identify the available options.
  • Identify the features of Marketo that are differentiated from an email service provider (ESP).
  • Given a scenario about receiving new leads, identify the ways in which acquisition can be assigned.
  • Identify the difference between hard and soft bounces.
  • Identify use cases for marketing suspend.
  • Given a scenario about the need for an email in which consistent and repeatable content is required across all emails and maintained in a single location, identify the tools required.
  • Given a scenario about a requirement to limit the amount of emails a lead receives, identify the appropriate settings.
  • Given a scenario that includes using tokens for scoring, identify the appropriate token.
  • Given a scenario of a company with international prospects, identify the sender's legal requirements for opting-in or unsubscribing.
  • Identify the purpose of munchkin code.
  • Given a scenario about the need to display a value in a form and the requirement to input it into the database using a different value, identify the steps to complete this.
  • Identify the benefits of having both text and HTML email versions.
  • Given a scenario about having unstandardized data, identify the features that can be used to remedy this situation.

In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


  • Identify the Marketo features that enable understanding of lead quality.    
  • Given a scenario where Marketing has an SLA with Sales, identify the appropriate flow step setup.
  • Identify the Marketo features that enable Sales to understand a lead's behavior.
  • Given a scenario of needing to reset a score, identify the appropriate value.
  • Given a scenario where a lead is deemed sales-ready, identify the ways this can be communicated to Sales.                                                                       

In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


Program Fundamentals

  • Given a scenario about creating an engagement program, identify the settings that need to be in place for the first cast to go out.
  • Given a scenario about an engagement program with exhausted leads, identify what happens if additional content is added to the stream.
  • Identify situations when an engagement program should be used as opposed to other program types.
  • Given an engagement program, identify the relevance of adding, pausing, and removing people from the program.
  • Identify how to set up programs to yield success metrics.
  • Given an engagement program with multiple streams, identify how the streams and transition rules should be set up.
  • Identify the asset types that can be used in an engagement program.                                                
  • Given a scenario that includes testing an A/B subject line in an email, identify how to determine size of audience for the test, winning criteria, and timing.                                                                
  • Given a scenario of an A/B test, identify how the schedule is set.                                                        
  • Identify how to access information in the email send program dashboard.
  • Given a scenario about an event with registration, attendance and no shows, identify the channel and program type that should be used.                                                                  
  • Given a scenario using a webinar platform, identify the options for synching registration and attendee data.                                                          
  • Identify how to send a webinar confirmation that includes the unique link to the webinar.          
  • Given a screen shot with a flow step with choices, identify the impact of the order of choices.           
  • Given a scenario about using a single flow step with multiple choices that use different attributes and multiple flow steps with choices where each flow step is about a different attribute, define which one accomplishes the goal of updating the values for the lead's attributes.                                                                       
  • Given a scenario about smart campaigns that use a single campaign with multiple flow steps or use multiple campaigns so that one is triggered by user activity, identify the correct setup to achieve the goal of having an action happen immediately when a lead performs the triggering event.                                                            
  • Given a scenario with two triggers and at least one filter in a smart list, identify the outcome.        
  • Given a scenario that requires more than two filters in a smart campaign, identify available configuration options.
  • Given a scenario or screenshot of program status, identify the transitions that are possible.


Link to all topics:

Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics

In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


These are exam topics for Analytics and Reporting:

  • Identify the type of reporting that is impacted by the acquisition program.                                
  • Given a scenario of a business need for information about the growth of the database, identify the type of report that should be used.                                                     
  • Given a scenario of a business need for information about the conversion rates for specific landing pages, identify the type of report that should be used.  This is the Landing Page Performance Report.
  • Given a scenario of a business need for information about the cost per success for recent marketing activities, identify the information necessary to leverage a program performance report.
  • Identify the steps to add a custom column to a lead report.


To study:


- Click on the links indicated above

- Read the Docs Section for Reporting

- Try to practice building a different report using the different set up options

- Consider different scenarios and identify which would be the best way to produce a report for specific cases

In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


These are the topics for Targeting and Personalization.

  • Given a scenario about an email with tokens, identify correct and incorrect use of tokens.
  • Given a graphic showing a folder tree with a program, assets and folders under the assets, identify how the tokens will be inherited.                                                                        
  • Identify the purpose of default values in tokens.                                                          
  • Identify valid local (my) token types.                                                                 
  • Identify the difference between using segmentation or multiple smart lists.                      
  • Identify the requirements for using dynamic content.                   


I will include the links to the relevant content to assist you with your studying.  This is still a WIP, stay tuned.

Presented at Summit, here is a summary of the things that you should know about the new certification exam - Marketo Certified Expert (MCE).


The exam topic list is included here: Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics

Marketo Certification Preparation: Sample Questions by Marketo Certification Team

Kristen Carmean has shared sample questions for the different sections that the exam covers.


①Admin & Operational


②Analytics & Reporting


③Lead Lifecycle


④ Program Fundamentals


亜弥子 安藤 shared the above links on the Japan User Group.

Jessica Kao shared slide deck of Summit Top 8 Sessions Marketing Nation Summit Recap: Top 8 Sessions

I am sharing some examples of email creativity when it comes to building emails.  There are so many elements involved for a good email that you might need some inspiration or ideas.


Have a look to:


Examples of where social media icons are placed


Examples of how many social media icons other companies are using on emails


Examples of CTAs


Example of personalised email using video for ABM


Examples of good and bad preheaders


Would you like to add a link to any other examples that you have shared in the community?

How many is too many?  Is less more?

Well, I share with you what some big companies are doing out there with their social icons in the B2C space.


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for the parenting market is what is doing.



Big beauty store is going for the big 5.


Another big department store in Australia: Myer is also going for the big 5. is going for only 3: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



Qantas is even adding Google +.



Audible is doing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Interestingly, Expedia is using Google + and excluding Instagram or Pinterest.




A local park Holiday Park in Australia is only doing Facebook and Instagram.

TripAdvisor is doing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



American Express is **** Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


It looks like Facebook and Twitter and the 2 main channels for B2C. Some companies go all the way to 6 icons and that means maintaining 6 social media channels.


How far do you go with your social media icons?