Aslihan Ayan Harvell

Preference about the gender of your boss

Blog Post created by Aslihan Ayan Harvell on Nov 22, 2017

According to Gallup associates, 55% of Americans have no preference about the gender of their boss, and men (68%) are more likely than women (44%) to lack preference.


"Just as the percentage of employed Americans working for a female boss hasn't changed much in recent years, women remain scarce in upper management levels. In June, Fortune reported that 32 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women. While this marks the highest proportion of female CEOs in the history of the Fortune 500, there is clearly room for more women to enter top management tiers at America's largest corporations. In fact, Gallup research has found that workers with female bosses are more engaged than those with male bosses."


I never thought about the gender of my prospective boss when I was searching for my next position. However I wonder why people with female bosses are more engaged. Anyone who has experience or perspective that they can share...  


Source:  Americans No Longer Prefer Male Boss to Female Boss