Aslihan "Ashley" Ayan Harvell

An Expert Tells You How to Turn Your Career Challenges Into Opportunities

Blog Post created by Aslihan "Ashley" Ayan Harvell on Nov 21, 2017

"Even though today's work and life reality is more flexible than you think, managing our day-to-day in a 24/7 economy can still be a challenge. As the founder of Flex+Strategy Group, a growing business that helps create a flexible work culture for clients, and as a woman with two kids and a husband, I face the same array of seemingly endless choices many other women encounter: Where and when do I finish this presentation most productively? When will I be able to attend one of my daughter's field-hockey games? When can I get a haircut? Then there are bigger life transitions, like the pregnancy that caused one of my clients, a rising star at an investment bank who loved her job, to question her ability to have a career and a family. But the truth is, whether we work in an office or remotely, full-time or on a project basis, in-person or online, creatively rethinking how, when, and where we get our jobs done can offer countless opportunities for extraordinary women to turn what can feel like obstacles into triumphs."


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Although I do not believe not only women, also men faces the challenge of balancing family and work, I wonder how many organizations recognizes that work+life is no longer a perk or benefit, but more a strategic business imperative.