Analyse your reports to improve marketing results

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Aug 20, 2017

Analysis should be a habit and it has to be followed by actions.


Document your findings and if possible discuss them with your team.


Your numbers share a story and if you listen to what they say there are lots of learnings that you can get from spending some time understanding your reports.


This is one example that I recently went through:



What did we notice?


- Our old subject line performed better. Our Open Rates were higher.

- By including a video link our CTR went from 13% to 29%.This is a huge improvement.

- The unsubscribes from the older version were double (even when open rates were higher)


So what can we do next?


- Can we possibly change the subject line to the best performing one?

- Review after a similar period of time to understand if these change had an impact in your results.