MCE - Detailed Exam Topic List with Links

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Jul 13, 2017

These are the links to all the exam topics covered on the new MCE.  You can click on them and it will take you to the full list.  I have added a short description of the things that are covered on each section so you have an idea.


Program Fundamentals  - This section covers: Engagement Programs, Event Programs, Smart Campaigns, Flow Steps, A/B Testing, Program Set Ups and Program Statuses.

Targeting and Personalization - Tokens, dynamic content and smart lists.

Analytics and Reporting - You need to understand the different types of reports and the functionality that it is available for each of them. When you would you use them?

Lead Management - Understand sales stages, lead scoring, lead behaviours, setting up alerts and interesting moments.

Implementation and Operations - Understand emails, landing pages, forms, unsubscribes, marketing suspended, data normalization, hard bounces, soft bounces.


My suggestion is to start working with the topics that you are less familiar.  More resources for each topic are provided on each link.


Note: This is a work in progress guide aiming to assist with the Certification process.