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Program Fundamentals

  • Given a scenario about creating an engagement program, identify the settings that need to be in place for the first cast to go out.
  • Given a scenario about an engagement program with exhausted leads, identify what happens if additional content is added to the stream.
  • Identify situations when an engagement program should be used as opposed to other program types.
  • Given an engagement program, identify the relevance of adding, pausing, and removing people from the program.
  • Identify how to set up programs to yield success metrics.
  • Given an engagement program with multiple streams, identify how the streams and transition rules should be set up.
  • Identify the asset types that can be used in an engagement program.                                                
  • Given a scenario that includes testing an A/B subject line in an email, identify how to determine size of audience for the test, winning criteria, and timing.                                                                
  • Given a scenario of an A/B test, identify how the schedule is set.                                                        
  • Identify how to access information in the email send program dashboard.
  • Given a scenario about an event with registration, attendance and no shows, identify the channel and program type that should be used.                                                                  
  • Given a scenario using a webinar platform, identify the options for synching registration and attendee data.                                                          
  • Identify how to send a webinar confirmation that includes the unique link to the webinar.          
  • Given a screen shot with a flow step with choices, identify the impact of the order of choices.           
  • Given a scenario about using a single flow step with multiple choices that use different attributes and multiple flow steps with choices where each flow step is about a different attribute, define which one accomplishes the goal of updating the values for the lead's attributes.                                                                       
  • Given a scenario about smart campaigns that use a single campaign with multiple flow steps or use multiple campaigns so that one is triggered by user activity, identify the correct setup to achieve the goal of having an action happen immediately when a lead performs the triggering event.                                                            
  • Given a scenario with two triggers and at least one filter in a smart list, identify the outcome.        
  • Given a scenario that requires more than two filters in a smart campaign, identify available configuration options.
  • Given a scenario or screenshot of program status, identify the transitions that are possible.


Link to all topics:

Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics