Targeting and Personalization - MCE Preparation

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In my post Useful info for the new Certification Exam - MCE

I added a link to the Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics


These are the topics for Targeting and Personalization.

  • Given a scenario about an email with tokens, identify correct and incorrect use of tokens.
  • Given a graphic showing a folder tree with a program, assets and folders under the assets, identify how the tokens will be inherited.                                                                        
  • Identify the purpose of default values in tokens.                                                          
  • Identify valid local (my) token types.                                                                 
  • Identify the difference between using segmentation or multiple smart lists.                      
  • Identify the requirements for using dynamic content.                   


I will include the links to the relevant content to assist you with your studying.  This is still a WIP, stay tuned.