Where should I place my Social Media Icons on my Email Communications?

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Jun 28, 2017

With the boom of social media, social icons have become really important in our email communications.

This trend has been changing slowly during the last few years since marketers have realised that social icons could also distract the completion of the most important call to action.


I have put together some examples of what companies are doing in this space. I don't think there is a best practice yet, it depends on the business and also on many other elements such as creative resources available including templates and the actual creative person in the company.


Let's have a look to what is happening out there.


Many companies still give social media icons prime real estate and icons go at the top.


Riva, Marketo and Firebrand are 2 examples where icons go at the header level.




Happy Frog Apps has all her icons in the content section.



Kapost has her icons just after the CTA



We have a few companies using social logos int he footer section.

This company is not using logos, just text.




Virgin Pulse only has a couple of logos in the In the footer section.



Reading Eggs has 2 logos only on the unsubscribe section.



Many companies use the footer section just before the  unsubscribe. This email is from Bluewolf.