All you need to know about Engagement Programs

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I am aiming high and I am writing and collecting all relevant pieces of information that would assist us all in understanding really well engagement programs.


So in this post, I will be linking to all the beautiful articles that include the content that we need to master Engagement Programs.


You will find things here that seem super basic, others more advance but the idea is to have a place where we can go and understand how to set up our Nurtures and how the program works.


So this is a work in progress blog post where we should all be able to master the art of Nurturing.



More basic:

Did you know that by default your Engagement Program is Turned On?

How to add leads to your nurture?


Did you know that by default your Engagement Program is turned on?

What is the meaning of Exhausted in an Engagement Program

What is the meaning of 'Exhausted' in an Engagement Program?


More advance:

Did you know that you can add default support programs to your Engagement Program?

Did you know that you can add support programs to your engagement program?


Marketing related:

Karina Guerra

17 Things you should know before launching your Nurture Program


Feel free to provide any other relevant links that you find would help us to become an Engagement Programs Ninja.