Did you know that you can add default support programs to your Engagement Program?

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This was a question in the community, I thought it is worth sharing.


Did you know that you can add default support programs to your Nurtures? 

There are different reasons of  why you would like to do this.  Here are a few reasons of why you might want to do this:


1. You might want to push different SFDC campaigns

2. You might want to add different program statuses to your channels

3. I used them to give sales the option of adding or removing someone from a nurture and I do this with a SFDC Campaign.


Let's start with number 1 and discuss how you can do this. 


How to do it?

Step 1. Right click on your Engagement Program, click on "New Local Asset"


Step 2. Select "New Program' and choose default program.


I create a folder for mySupport Programs. 



This is one example of the things that I do with this type of programs.  My sales team likes to see program statuses as opened and click for each individual email, so I create program statuses at the email level for each piece of content.


I can push SFDC campaigns for each default program.







I recently discovered that you cannot move support programs into an Engagement Program, you have to build them here from scratch .