Karina Guerra

Using UTM Parameters in your URL - Things to consider when using Visits Web Page

Blog Post created by Karina Guerra Expert on Jun 8, 2017

I am setting up a lead scoring model based on Web Page activities so the rule is if my leads visit a key page they will be scored +5 points.

As I was setting up my campaigns, I realised that there is a chance that I might miss this scoring activity since some of my pages have UTM Parameters.

So if you set your Smart List with an IS operator your URL would always have to match exactly the Web Page that you indicate.  UTM parameters would not trigger an action, such as adding the points of the scoring model.


'IS' is always a exact match.


Another better option is to change your operator to CONTAINS. You only need to type the first part of the URL (just before your UTM parameters commence).

By using CONTAINS your URL only need to match the first part.