4 Key Learnings from my experience using Tokens

Blog Post created by b81ae4ecc4103111742f9d1faae780d3c817d739 Expert on Apr 18, 2017

1.You can use tokens for multiple purposes.


You can use calendar files, dates, email scripts, numbers, rich text, score, SFDC Campaigns and text as tokens.





2. Tokens become a variable that can be prepopulated at the token section and it serves multiple purposes for campaigns or asset building.


This means that you enter your values at the token level and your assets or campaigns would collect this values from your tokens section.


For example:


Instead of using score numbers in your campaigns you can use tokens and have a central repository for all your values in the "My tokens" section.



3. A 'My Tokens' Section in the third tab your your program.



4. Tokens are available at the program level or folder level.


At the folder level this is where you can find them.



4 key learnings from my experience using tokens:


1. If  you use tokens for URLs -  the naming convention of your token should include dashes.  Using a token value on a URL without dashes will break the link.

2. If you rename your token and you already have it in use in one or multiple campaigns, you would have to update your campaign value.  Marketo will not automatically pick that you have renamed this token.

3. If you change scoring values in the "My Tokens Section", changes will not be retrospective.  Let's say that you are scoring 2 points for "Opens Email", if you change that value to 5 points, only new activities will be scored +5, old activities will maintain +2.

4. Tokens are really flexible and lots of fun.  It is wise to assess when it is convenient to create a token or if it is better to maintain the information local to the asset.


How are you planning to use tokens?