Ariel Sasso

6 Reasons to invest in your Marketo Staff!

Blog Post created by Ariel Sasso on Jan 19, 2017

A small investment can equal a big return when your marketing team has the foundational training needed to implement automated campaigns through Marketo.


  1. Invest in your software stack: Investing in a tool that can perform accurate reporting and analytics can help your team build for your business goals and better inform business decisions.
  2. Tap into the knowledge of your database: A seamless integration with your CRM will serve as the backbone to your lead database. Learn the checkpoints to ensure your setup is complete and optimized.
  3. Build for the future: Marketo leads the forefront of technical capability. Set a strong foundation for your sales and marketing teams that will set your teams up for long term growth, scale and success.
  4. Training more cost effective than a Consultant: Marketo resources are endless. Once the foundation is well understood, the more advanced pieces will come easier.
  5. Your Marketo instance is only a skeleton: If you do not understand it, how can you build it? An understanding beyond the basics will help you team exceed goals.
  6. Don’t waste valuable time: Training will ramp up your team to work more efficiently and productively. Equipping them with the knowledge needed to jumpstart your automation platform program will save you time in the long run.

Marketing Automation is the way of the future. Be a leader and transform your digital marketing with the right training today.