5 Things that I learned from the awesome Marketo team

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As part of my official welcome to Marketo, I spent 2 weeks at our head office in San Mateo, California.

For me joining Marketo was a dream come true.  I am sure that you would agree that joining the company that you are learning from as a digital marketer is an amazing opportunity!

As part of my onboarding process I had to attend a few different events taking place in our head office in San Mateo California: Boot Camp Learning Sessions, Leadership Conferences, getting to know and learn from my successful colleagues. How lucky can that be? 

I considered myself very fortunate by having the opportunity to fly all the way to San Francisco to be part of these sessions.  I didn't know how lucky I was until the real action began...

To start with, San Francisco is beautiful and it was summer there. I had a chance to live 2 summers in the same year!

These were 2 weeks full of action, activities, learnings and insights. I got to meet amazing people, places and even had time to have to try amazing fresh food.   But what I really want to share is something very special from the purple team, the special things that helped me to understand how and why Marketo and their people are great!

My 5 lessons are not about the amazing product that Marketo has developed, they are not about the great benefits and culture that the purple leaders offer to their employees, my lessons are about the special ingredient that makes Marketo an addictive place to work for. 

1. You will always be bigger and greater if you are part of a successful team.

Marketo is really strong, not because of the amazing individuals who love being part of the purple brand. Marketo is strong because they hire and build team players who help each other.

2. Take the time to meet people in person.

The internet is amazing to get in contact with people but if you really want to build good relationships, take the time to meet people in person, this gives a special magic touch that makes things easier. Try to build personal relationships. I was very blessed to meet amazing people during my trip, now I know many things of them at a personal level. I know where they live, what they like to do during the weekends, if they have children or not and even what they like to eat. They also know my story and all this makes our working relationship easier and smoother.

3. Your contributions always make a difference.

If you are part of a team, you have to give back. It is good to build a network of people who can help you but you also need to find a way to give back and show that you can also contribute and make a difference.

4. Don't be shy to show your skills and passion.

We are all different and being different is what makes us special. In Marketo, we have different specialists that have developed their skill sets using their passions and strengths to their advantage.  You can also make a difference and become an expert on the things that are passionate about. Inspire others, help others and don't be shy to shine.

5. Being different is being amazing.

I learned that being different is what makes us bigger and better. We all have different backgrounds and interests. In Marketo, we learn from each other's strengths but we can always go to that person who has that different and special characteristic that I don't have.  It doesn't matter what it is: a language that you speak, a life experience that shaped your life in a different way or your  past life that thought you the things that you should not do in life. It doesn't matter, embrace your differences, what makes you different is what makes you special.

Thank you Marketo for the opportunity to meet in person your amazing team who is different, passionate and willing to make a difference!

Picture 1. New hires group July 2015 from the Learn from our Leaders Session - Biggest LFOL Session ever.

Picture 2. Marketo, Head Office in San Mateo California.

Picture 3. Marketo, Head Office Level 4.

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