• Meetings

    Are there any meetings scheduled for 2019??
    Marcia Kerber
    created by Marcia Kerber
  • Meetings

    We used to have monthly meetings.  Are there any upcoming meetings scheduled?  I would love to attend if so.
    Marcia Kerber
    created by Marcia Kerber
  • Will there be any upcoming events?

    Hi there!   I am hoping there will be some scheduled meet ups soon?
    Jordan Zabawa
    created by Jordan Zabawa
  • Dealing with duplicate leads

    Does anyone know an easy way to merge duplicate leads without using the Marketo Service?
    Marcia Kerber
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  • February Meeting Moved to Feb. 24!

    Hi all,   You should have received an email from me regarding our February meeting. We're planning to meet now Feb. 24 from 12-1 PM. Please see the event posted here in our group for more details.   Thanks!
  • Monthly Meetings

    Hi everyone!   We had a great first in-person meeting, and are looking forward to continuing our monthly meetings. We have planned to meet on the 4th Wednesday every month from 12 - 1 PM. Our next meeting will ...
  • Next meeting -- can I forward?

    Is it okay if I forward the invite to a staff member?
  • First Meeting - Please Respond

    Hi all,   Welcome to the West MI User Group!   We’re excited to get this group off the ground and are planning a date for our first in-person meeting. At this meeting we’ll introduce a little ...
  • Holiday First Meeting?

    Hi there,   I was so excited to learn that we had a MUG in the area, and I would love to see a group gathering! With the holidays coming up, I thought it might be a good opportunity to do so. I'm curious where e...
  • First Meeting

    Hi all -   We're in the process of solidify a date for our first in-person meeting. Hoping for the week of the 17th. We'll let you know as soon as we get some possible dates. Thanks!