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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to hire a marketing automation manager on my team here at Granicus. Req is below:


Feel free to email me at - great company, a lot of opportunity-- 2020 is going to be fun!




It was GREAT to see everyone, hear what went on at the 2019 Adobe Summit, and work through some challenges in our breakout sessions.

Slides and more photos uploaded to our LinkedIn Group.

MUG_April 2019 (3).jpg20190410_185422.jpg


An amazing meeting and 2016 wrapping up for Washington DC Marketo User Group! We were presented sophisticated lead engagement systems, looked into Marketo nurturing streams, discussed tons of best practices, useful concepts and practical details. Do you know how to tokenize an entire list of emails? How to fix a blacklisting issue? Use a velocity script for email personalization? What traps and pitfalls are out there?.. Great thanks to our fantastic speakers Robin Izsak and @Chris Martin, and all attendees for active participation! Hope to see you all in 2017!



Do you have a Marketo know-how solution? Or do you have a problem you can't resolve? Please submit your Marketo Hack! Send your ideas to

There are no awkward questions - we will be happy to brainstorm together! Or learn from you and your findings.


As a feedback: during last MUG I shared my frustration over using a deduping tool and issues it was causing in Marketo. I was struggling with it for a while, and neither Marketo support, nor our internal teams were able to help. After brainstorming and on-air consulting with MUG members, I got valuable advice from Moni Oloyede, Derek Vansant and other participants. Moreover, Todd Sprinkel (Logi Analytics) sent me detailed instructions with links and codes on what to do. Voila! The issue is resolved, and our duplicates are successfully merged! Isn't it amazing?


Our next MUG meeting is June 29. Stay tuned, details are to follow!