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I created this image as part of a discovery presentation to show how all of our core systems work together.




Obviously, we went with the best in class Marketing Automation Platform, Marketo. Marketo was able to connect all of our systems and gives us the greatest control. Feel free to use the infographic for your own presentations. I have posted a blank one on the Tampa St/Pete Blog.

Last weeks Job posting in the Tampa area looking for Marketo experience.

  • Marketing MDF/Co-op Coordinator - GuidePoint Security
  • Market Coordinator - Tallan
  • Manager of Marketing Automation - ABILITY Network

Jobs on Indeed

I will update each Sunday with the previous job postings.



Just like in 1980 and again in the less good Blues Brothers 2000, we are getting the band back together. Though the leaders of the band are different we hope many of you will return. Our first comeback meeting is next month, July 18th at the Bank of the Ozark Innovation Labs in St Pete. More information can be found on the event page. In the meantime, we have created additional ways to stay informed and up to date. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and we created a Tampa/St Pete Blog. Welcome back to the Tampa/St Pete MUG.