Diary of a Marketing Ops Director Week 5 -- DRAMA Ensues...

Blog Post created by 49c5624628985b6f7a2aaff856fa4e796e325dac on Jul 12, 2017

So, can you say analytics. Well, this week, analytics are wreaking havoc on my team and my world. Why? Well, we may have uncovered leads that were untouched over the course of the the past 12 months. Not just a few, like thousands. Why? Well, in working with sales, some of these were actually called but absolutely no documentation in Salesforce so they look untouched. Some were just rejected upon first glance. Some were just routed wrong. So what to do?


First, the exec team and I created a task force to deal with the issue. This led to me delivering a 6 hour lead management workshop to get the exec team, sales and marketing all on the same page. Out of that six hour workshop, we discovered several things:

  • We all have different views on what is a lead
  • We have different views on quality of leads
  • We have different views on how sales should/could follow up with leads
  • We have different views on timelines for follow up
  • We have different views on how lead scoring should be done


Ultimately, we all agreed something must be done. The CEO stepped in and worked tirelessly to help manage the project. Both Marketing and Sales Ops teams were rallied together to solve the situation. To solve the above, here are the steps we took:

Came up with common definitions

  • Developed a mutually agreed on quality and lead score process
  • Created SLA's for both sales and marketing
  • Created a Salesforce dashboard to monitor lead decay
  • Communicated with Sales teams that all activity must now be in Salesforce or it doesn't count
  • Created a user adoption challenge with rewards for the sales team
  • Hired and trained a lead scrub team to increase the quality of leads
  • Created worldwide dashboards that both sales and marketing use together


What came of all this? Well, it was definitely uncomfortable for all involved to say the least. Change is never easy. We had communications. We had stumbled over each other at times. There were requirements and timelines that made it almost impossible. But, today, we are converting about 30% more leads, driving more revenue and having a better customer experience than ever before. Why? Because, whether we like it or not, we are more efficient, less noise for the sales reps and better quality leads moving through the system.


Remember, it takes a village. You must involve all key stakeholders and stay on top of it. It's not easy, but it is possible.

Good luck.