Channel development documentation

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Hello TMUG-ers


Per one of our conversation topics at our user group meeting today, I wanted to share with you a spreadsheet that I've used when laying the foundation for attribution reporting. The first step in determining first-touch and multi-touch attribution is setting up your channels in Marketo properly so you can capture the information you need to populate your attribution reports.


The attached spreadsheet is just an example of how some of these channels could be set up and how you may (or may not) use tags to get a more granular look into different aspects of your channel's performance. The document has really helped me in the past better communicate with my team and provide insight to others into how our instance is set up.


I suggest you sit down with your executives (or whoever is requesting marketing campaign performance reporting) to determine KPIs. With your KPI's in mind, you'll be able to lay the foundation for your channels so you can start reporting on attribution. As we talked about, be aware of analysis paralysis - keep it simple


Happy building!


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