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Hi team Sydney - come join me for breakfast at the Ivy Sunroom next week?


In case you haven't heard, we have our Senior Director of Segment Marketing, Matt Zilli in town and he will be talking through the product roadmap and sharing how we structure our teams at Marketo. Plus, the always wonderfulVeronica Holmes will be diving into the product to help you resolve any challenges you're facing. Register here.


Look forward to seeing you there!


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Do you really care about how you engage with your audience?


Our duty as marketers is to take advantage of every single opportunity that we have to engage with our audience.


Every single touch point is an opportunity to engage and add value.


Are you making the most of the user experience that your customer has with your brand every single time that there is an interaction?


Try to thing of a way on how you could engage with your audience better across all your marketing channels.


Social, website experience, face to face, telephone, those are all amazing opportunities to create a positive and engaging relationship with your customers.


Don't waste sacred opportunities to build up a good relationship.  Treat your customers like they deserve, make them feel special and comfortable.


Plant those seeds so they want to come back to you again!

1. The team is getting ready



2. Ready to commence



3. A warm welcome




4. User Group Time: Transformation in Marketing and Advertising




5. Engagement Marketing




6. Engage everywhere: make the most of the mobile experience





7. Marketo Moments Explained



8. Our special guest from LinkedIn Accelerator



9. Engaged audience: great venue. Thanks LinkedIn Australia.




10.  We are part of an amazing community!




Thanks you all for coming and see you in our next User Group.


Thanks to our awesome speakers: Veronica Holmes and Mike Collins


Great job APAC Marketing Team Lauren Adam, Amanda Yorke, Rose Masidi