• Tableau Marketo API usage report

    Hi, I am not able to understand the Daily and Weekly API usage report from the Tableau Marketo connection. Can someone please explain the different measures that we have in the report and what they mean? C...
    Vandy Sridhar
    created by Vandy Sridhar
  • Exciting Role: Are you an experienced Marketing Automation expert looking to take the next step in a great agency and growing team?!

    Senior Marketing Automation Specialist - Green Hat. Apply by sending CV to HunterS@Green-hat.com.au   You: An experienced and energetic marketing automation expert who loves digital marketing. You are passiona...
    Liza Coats
    created by Liza Coats
  • Please Share any 2019 Summit Presentations, Videos, Recordings

    I wanted to create a thread where anyone within the community could post links to any of the presentations and videos captured from SUMMIT 2019.   I was really hoping that Marketo's team worked to ensure the pre...
    Sean Richards
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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users @ Marketo/Adobe Summit

    Hi there!   I know at past Marketo Summit conferences, there were sessions and meet-ups for Microsoft Dyanmics & Marketo Users. I'm wondering if there is anything organized for this year's Summit?
    Kristine Plemmons
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  • Set a Form Thank You Page: The Follow Up With to Landing Page doesn't work

    Hi Supporter,   I have set up a form with a landing page.   And I created a Thank You landing Page also. But when I set the Following Up With to Landing page and it didn't work as I expected. It always sho...
    Katie Phillips
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  • Setup Integration with Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online problem.

    Had anyone integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online successfully?   I got an error on second steps of Validate Sync Setup where it said invalid username and password...
    Kevin Liu
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  • Check lead exist in database

    When I submit form with email address e.g.(test@marketo.com) and also want to check on form submit that this email address exist in database or not.
    Abbas Vohra
    created by Abbas Vohra
  • Sydney based agencies - Marketo

    Hi there,   I am relatively new to Marketo, and would like to know if there are any Sydney based agencies out there that provide Marketo support.  Thanking you in advance.   Pablo
    Pablo Munoz
    created by Pablo Munoz
  • Make email contact operational

    Hello, we have a generic gmail email (admin email if you will) that we include in some smart lists to advise certain internal employees what's being sent. How do I make that contact operational (so there are no touch ...
  • Fun Run @Marketo Summit 2018?

    I know traditionally there is a fun/run at the beginning of Marketo Summit but I'm not seeing it this year. Is this still happening and if so, where can I get the details?   Thanks!
    Brittini Smith
    created by Brittini Smith
  • Marketing Nation Summit 2018 App password

    Hi all, Does anyone know the password to download the 2018 event? Thanks in advance!
    Axelle Boyer - PRODUCTION
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  • When can we sign up for sessions at the summit?

    We've already registered. Just wondering when we can sign up for individual sessions.
    Kestrel Lemen
    created by Kestrel Lemen
  • interstitial Link Issue

    Hello Everyone,   I'm facing the issue with interstitial link in marketo. I have to use same link as provided by client like www.xyzqwe.com and it's re-direct to www.abcqwe.com if i'm clicking this link through ...
    Nitin Sharma
    created by Nitin Sharma
  • Marketo Certified Expert Exam Pass Rate

    What % of people passed the Marketo Certified Expert exam on their first attempt in 2017?   I'm just curious as this was my first time to take any Marketo exam and know it would not have reflected well at work h...
  • Not able to find Configure CRM Mapping option in ABM Setup.

    I can not see a Configure CRM Mapping option in Admin>ABM>Setup. What could be the reason and what should I do?
  • Copy Marketo instance from one environment to another

    Hi,   We have two Marketo instances, one for production and one for testing. There are field changes in our production environment that have not been replicated in the testing environment. What is the best way t...
  • Click to Campaign

    I'm trying to figure out how to have people drop into certain campaigns based on a link they click in an email. For instance, if I were to place our 4 solutions in one general email, would I be able to drop people int...
  • Subject line got pulled in twice for A/B test

    The same subject line was repeated twice in my A/B test, but I only found out about it afterwards. It could be that I copied and pasted the subject line twice when I was setting up the test, but just wondering has any...
  • Send Email in Flow Step if Not a Lead

    Is it possible to send an email to a person who is NOT a lead in the database by just entering their email address in the 'Email Address' filter of the Smart List step in a Smart Campaign?
    Noah Lohr
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  • How can I get a copy of the Buyer Journey slide from the Panasonic Presentation at the Keynote held on 4/25?

    Hello,   My team and I are working on mapping our buyer journey and wanted to use the one Panasonic shared at the summit as a reference. However, in the keynote video it is extremely hard to see the actual conte...
    Nicole Gibbs
    created by Nicole Gibbs