• Form showing different questions depending on the landing page?

    I have a form that is used on many different landing pages in our instance, I have a landing page where I have a specific question that I want to show up but I don't want it to show up on the other pages that use the ...
    Kristen Aldieri
    created by Kristen Aldieri
  • Please Share any 2019 Summit Presentations, Videos, Recordings

    I wanted to create a thread where anyone within the community could post links to any of the presentations and videos captured from SUMMIT 2019.   I was really hoping that Marketo's team worked to ensure the pre...
    Sean Richards
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  • List import doesn't work

    Hi guys,    I'm importing a list in Marketo, but it doens't import, just stay forever like the print bellow.       Has it ever happened to anyone? How can you solve it?   Thanks!
    Mafalda Santos
    created by Mafalda Santos
  • Salesforce to Marketo email field

    My primary email field from Salesforce is not copying over to Marketo. How do I fix this?
    Drew Herd
    created by Drew Herd
  • Markeo super slow with errors

    We have been constantly getting this error in Marketo the past week. Marketo is also very slow. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 
    Ira Manandhar
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  • Copy Marketo instance from one environment to another

    Hi,   We have two Marketo instances, one for production and one for testing. There are field changes in our production environment that have not been replicated in the testing environment. What is the best way t...
  • Contact Forms not showing up when logged out of WordPress site

    We are only seeing the Marketo contact forms when logged into our WordPress site, when we are logged out of the site we don't see the forms. Is anyone else seeing an issue like this?
    Pallavi Kurhade
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  • Tableau Marketo API usage report

    Hi, I am not able to understand the Daily and Weekly API usage report from the Tableau Marketo connection. Can someone please explain the different measures that we have in the report and what they mean? C...
    Vandy Sridhar
    created by Vandy Sridhar
  • Can we track the click of the download button on a PDF versus only the click in the email that takes the person to the PDF

    I want to know can we track if someone clicks the download button on a PDF and downloads the file vs just clicking ont he link to the PDF?
    Preeti Kapasi
    created by Preeti Kapasi
  • Exciting Role: Are you an experienced Marketing Automation expert looking to take the next step in a great agency and growing team?!

    Senior Marketing Automation Specialist - Green Hat. Apply by sending CV to HunterS@Green-hat.com.au   You: An experienced and energetic marketing automation expert who loves digital marketing. You are passiona...
    Liza Coats
    created by Liza Coats
  • Marketo Summit 2018 Presentations

    Here is the link to all of the 2018 Marketo presentations at Summit in case anyone needs them, https://go.marketo.com/Presentation-Deck-Download-Page.html   I was sharing this with a friend I met at this year's...
    Tara D'Acci
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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users @ Marketo/Adobe Summit

    Hi there!   I know at past Marketo Summit conferences, there were sessions and meet-ups for Microsoft Dyanmics & Marketo Users. I'm wondering if there is anything organized for this year's Summit?
    Kristine Plemmons
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  • Set a Form Thank You Page: The Follow Up With to Landing Page doesn't work

    Hi Supporter,   I have set up a form with a landing page.   And I created a Thank You landing Page also. But when I set the Following Up With to Landing page and it didn't work as I expected. It always sho...
    Katie Phillips
    last modified by Katie Phillips
  • Setup Integration with Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online problem.

    Had anyone integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online successfully?   I got an error on second steps of Validate Sync Setup where it said invalid username and password...
  • Check lead exist in database

    When I submit form with email address e.g.(test@marketo.com) and also want to check on form submit that this email address exist in database or not.
  • Sydney based agencies - Marketo

    Hi there,   I am relatively new to Marketo, and would like to know if there are any Sydney based agencies out there that provide Marketo support.  Thanking you in advance.   Pablo
  • Make email contact operational

    Hello, we have a generic gmail email (admin email if you will) that we include in some smart lists to advise certain internal employees what's being sent. How do I make that contact operational (so there are no touch ...
  • Working with Marketo in different OS platforms

    Hello,   I was just wondering if i am able to get an opinion as to which OS is faster and efficient when working/programming with Marketo? I often found Mac OS is faster when we work with Marketo platform. Yo...
    Debroop Garai
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  • Looking to the future - Marketo’s new UI

    Amongst the many great events at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit the thing that excited me the most was the look into Marketo’s upcoming update. I am a huge fan of the Marketo platform - as you can probably ...
    Andrew Mullings
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  • emailing deliverability problems

    Dear marketo team, We have installed marketo in our company since 6 months, but we have a big problem with the e-mails’s deliverability , the opening rate has dropped by 40% in comparison to mailchimp, but espe...