Andrew Mullings

Looking to the future - Marketo’s new UI

Blog Post created by Andrew Mullings on May 31, 2018

Amongst the many great events at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit the thing that excited me the most was the look into Marketo’s upcoming update. I am a huge fan of the Marketo platform - as you can probably tell from my last blog - and some of the updates shown to me suggest that Marketo will continue to cement its place as my favorite MAP.

Marketo is known for playing close attention to their community. Regularly altering things and providing fixes based on consumer feedback. This update is no different. Alongside the vast shift in UX and UI being rolled out in the next few months, Marketo has collated the top 10 issues/requests they’ve received in the past year from users and addressed them!

Here are my highlights and what you should be looking forward to:

Saved Filters

Marketo will be introducing saved rules with this month’s update. Personally, I think having the saved rules functionality is a massive gain for the platform. Campaigns for Enterprise customers can often have multiple filters and complex logical rules. Previously, you’d have to repeat these across the various campaigns and it was often an area that could cause a user error. Having rules that you can create, save and then drop into each of your campaigns drastically reduces the risk of human error and speeds up the process of developing campaigns. It’s only a small thing but sometimes it's the small things that have a major impact!

Approval en masse

Another fantastic time-saver is the introduction of en masse approvals to the Marketo platform. Covering emails, landing pages and forms, this will streamline the approval process to help ensure that your campaigns get out on time.


Pre-programme expiration & deactivation dates

Marketo’s latest update introduces asset expiration and programme deactivation dates. You no longer need to worry about assets staying live long after campaign completion i.e. you have no excuse for event invite landing pages staying live after the event itself.


One of my few personal bugbears with Marketo was the need for complex naming conventions to keep assets and campaigns cataloged and easy to access. This would often lead to long unwieldy names that include a variation of creator name/date/department/name of the campaign.

The introduction of labels or tags to categorize assets and campaigns will certainly help minimize the use of cumbersome naming conventions. This new metadata allows you to easily search and create clearer taxonomies. The hope going forward is that these labels act as a means for creating detailed metrics by tag and really open up Marketo’s already comprehensive analytics.




The introduction of a new, more comprehensive dashboard homepage is a minor but welcome change to Marketo’s UI. At this stage, it is unknown what metrics or options will be available on the homepage but 'Team Purple' is advising that it will be customizable and you will be able to tailor the experience to your department’s needs.

There are plenty more minor and some major changes coming online later this month. These are just a few of my favorites, what are yours? Anything you’re looking forward to? How about quirks or issues of the platform that haven’t been addressed yet? Join the conversation as we countdown to the launch of the update.