Tom Liolios

How one Dutch Marketing Team Mastered Marketo

Blog Post created by Tom Liolios on Apr 6, 2017

Last month we got the exciting news that our marketing team had been nominated for a Revvie award in the category Marketo Masters, Marketing Team of the Year, Commercial!


We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and share some of the milestones that got this Dutch company the nomination.


The Sana Commerce marketing team has grown rapidly over the last two years. We’ve doubled our human resources and we’ve expanded to 4 new territories. It was during this time of fast growth that we also decided to implement Marketing Automation in our organization. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also relaunched our website and added 2 more languages to the mix (for a current total of 5).


You’d think it would have been a recipe for total mayhem.


Luckily, it wasn’t. We went through a lot of changes and lost some oversight every now and then, but in the end we were able to successfully implement Marketo within our organization and get the whole team on board.



  • Got a lead scoring model up and running, which improved the marketing/sales relationship tremendously.
  • Got sales colleagues on board the marketing train with a successful implementation of Sales Insight and a good sync with CRM Dynamics.
  • Increased marketing’s share in the number of yearly deals from 18% in 2015 to 35% in 2016.
  • Standardized so many processes. From publishing digital content, to following up on and qualifying new leads, to handing prospects over to sales.


Marketo has been a huge contributor to our success, thanks to the abundance of possibilities, flexibility, and organizational power it offers.


Our company started out small, but we dreamt big. Not many companies dare to take on so many challenges in such a short time, but we did. It didn’t always go smoothly, and we didn’t do everything right the first time around. But we learned, we improved, and we owe a lot to Marketo’s marketing automation tool for helping make many of our dreams a reality.


We are incredibly honored by this nomination, and we hope to be able to bring the Revvie award back home to The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to meeting many of you in San Francisco!