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Vandy Sridhar
Hi, I am not able to understand the Daily and Weekly API usage report from the Tableau Marketo connection. Can someone please explain the different measures that we have in the report and what they mean? Count Total User Count Also, we have an API call limit of 100,000. On the report it shows the Total Count as 467 but I got an error that the… (Show more)
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Preeti Kapasi
I want to know can we track if someone clicks the download button on a PDF and downloads the file vs just clicking ont he link to the PDF?
Liza Coats
Senior Marketing Automation Specialist - Green Hat. Apply by sending CV to   You: An experienced and energetic marketing automation expert who loves digital marketing. You are passionate about tech and digital platforms and want to become a best-in-class marketing automation Guru. You want to take the next step in your… (Show more)
Sean Richards
I wanted to create a thread where anyone within the community could post links to any of the presentations and videos captured from SUMMIT 2019.   I was really hoping that Marketo's team worked to ensure the presentations that were done this year were captured so that those that couldn't attend could still benefit from the learning and education… (Show more)
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Tara Dacci
Here is the link to all of the 2018 Marketo presentations at Summit in case anyone needs them,   I was sharing this with a friend I met at this year's Summit so figured I'd put it out there in case anyone else could use it.
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Kristine Plemmons
Hi there!   I know at past Marketo Summit conferences, there were sessions and meet-ups for Microsoft Dyanmics & Marketo Users. I'm wondering if there is anything organized for this year's Summit?
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Katie Phillips
Click to view contentHi Supporter,   I have set up a form with a landing page.   And I created a Thank You landing Page also. But when I set the Following Up With to Landing page and it didn't work as I expected. It always show the Thank You Message as Stay on Page. ( see attached pic below)   Can someone pls take a look and check if this workflow still work or… (Show more)
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Kevin Liu
Had anyone integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online successfully?   I got an error on second steps of Validate Sync Setup where it said invalid username and password.   That is crm username and password and I am sure they are valid because I can log into crm with them.   Thank very much.
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