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Meriem Merimeche
Dear marketo team, We have installed marketo in our company since 6 months, but we have a big problem with the e-mails’s deliverability , the opening rate has dropped by 40% in comparison to mailchimp, but especially the emails go to spam, even the in-house sample testing, we think there is a problem with the setting, would you help us? Regards,… (Show more)
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Sean Coles
What % of people passed the Marketo Certified Expert exam on their first attempt in 2017?   I'm just curious as this was my first time to take any Marketo exam and know it would not have reflected well at work had it gone poorly.
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gautam Chargotra
What type of assests we can use in engagement program and I know it is Email and Program but i wanted to know what type of emails and programs
Chandra Nixon
Can you embed a Marketo form into a email?  if so point me in the right direction. I need to create a email campaign that includes a form to fill out and then submit to us... Can you create the email and then embed the form in Marketo?
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Vineet Thakkar
I can not see a Configure CRM Mapping option in Admin>ABM>Setup. What could be the reason and what should I do?
Ronaldo Buenaflor
Hi,   We have two Marketo instances, one for production and one for testing. There are field changes in our production environment that have not been replicated in the testing environment. What is the best way to synchronize the fields between the two environments?   Thank you.
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Julian Wisdom
Recently there has been suggestions that Google plan to introduce an ad blocking feature to their popular browser Google Chrome. This will (if it becomes a reality) be used in the mobile and desktop version of the chrome browser. Although we do not know the exact date of when this feature could be introduced, it is said that it could be… (Show more)
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