• Is there any tool other than "Certain" for event creation and integration with Marketo?

    We are currently using Certain for event creation, but i would like to explore other tools which can we integrated with Marketo and help in creating the in-person events.
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Include the lightbox in Marketo landing page?

    How do we include the lightbox in Marketo landing page? do we need to include the embed code at template level or is there any other way to do that?
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Must-ask interview questions for a junior Marketo specialist

    Hi all, I'm preparing interview questions for a phone screening. My team is hiring a Marketo specialist. This position is opened to new college graduates or those may have 0-2 years of marketing automation/email mark...
    Huihsing Kiang
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  • Has anyone used a data orchestration engine?

    We're evaluating a few tools related to Data Orchestration to massage Marketo data. Today, this happens in Marketo. Typically, these processes include data standardization, cleansing and lifecycle models. Technically,...
    Pratyusha Ram
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  • Is there a way I can find the cloning history?whether a program template was cloned or an active program was cloned?

    We have created program templates for events and nurture program, now it is required to find whether team members are cloning the program template or are they cloning the already active program and then update the inf...
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Design Studio Error when trying to edit landing page

    Hello,   We have a user that is experiencing and error message anytime they click on a landing page to edit. There is a delay then an error message pops up. The error occurs every time there is an attempt to vie...
    John Miraglia
    created by John Miraglia
  • List Cleansing / Data Append Service

    Hello SV Mug,   We're looking for a manual list-clean vendor to supplement our use of ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg data append services.   Does anyone have any vendor recommendations? The most important data points ...
    Miles Krone
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  • Clari is looking for a Senior Demand Gen/Marketing Ops Manager!

    Hi everyone! We're looking for a demand generation and Marketo expert for our team here at Clari in Sunnyvale. It's a great role to really impact the business and be part of an amazing team!   Senior Demand Gener...
    Arlette Nguyen
    created by Arlette Nguyen
  • Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign sync

    anybody using the SFDC campaign sync feature in Marketo? We aren't and I'd like to understand the benefits versus pitfalls of using the feature.
  • Marketing Manager / Sr. Marketing Manager Position at Openprise

    Openprise is on the lookout for a stellar Marketing Manager or Sr. Marketing Manager!       Why Openprise? We're growing at a triple-digit rate Fabulous, collaborative culture Surround yourself with...
  • Email and Page Developer (Manager) for highly creative and scalable system

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    Josh Hill
    created by Josh Hill
  • Going over API Daily Limit

    I understand this is bad, and how to prevent this, but does anyone actually know what happens once the daily API calls have already exceeded?Does this mean all data transfer to and from SFDC just stops? And if so, doe...
  • Join the new Bay Area MUGs Slack workspace!

    Hi Marketo friends,   SF MUG members Amy Connor and I created a Slack Channel just for Bay Area MUG Members. Join us to ask questions, discuss problems, see what events people are attending, network with other m...
  • Looking for a great Demand Gen Specialist! (WhiteHat Security, San Jose)

    We're looking for an energetic Demand Generation Specialist who will be responsible for the data integrity of incoming leads, efficient lead cleanup and uploading to Marketo. The position will also support the develop...
    Savina Angel
    created by Savina Angel
  • Senior Marketing Operations Manager - Cloudinary

    Hi All,   I am looking for a Senior Marketing Operations Manager to join our team. The position is located in the Sunnyvale office we were voted a 2018 best place to work by the Silicon Valley Business Journal ...
    Jana Lass
    created by Jana Lass
  • What is the best way to pass along email invites to sales w/o using Sales Insight?

    Hi all - we're looking to give webinar and event invites from Marketo to sales without using Sales Insight. Ultimately, our goal is that we could send Sales an attachment of the invite that they can open, insert their...
    Siri Olsson
    created by Siri Olsson
  • How to add an image slider on a landing page?

    Hi,   Would like to know if we would be able to add an image slider on a landing page? We tried adding the boot strap js and css  cdn to the landing page template as well as the landing page. But though t...
    Devika R
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  • GDPR/Others: Do you distinguish the individual location versus company (HQ, Franchise, Sub-location)

    For B2B - are there any other companies out there designating fields to track actual person location in addition to company's? Ex fields: Country, State and Individual Country, Individual State   Someone fills...
    Lillian Huang
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  • Congrats SVMUG. We won top MUG representing at summit!!

    Pick up your gift at the customer advocacy booth at summit.  Those who are't going, I'll be bringing your swag to the next SVMUG meeting.    Don't forget we have our lunch meet up on Tuesday May 1st a...
    Jessica Kao
    created by Jessica Kao
  • Social Sharing pulling wrong image

    Has anyone dealt with social media sharing and how it may pull your hidden landing template images instead of the the image that is actually displaying on your landing page? Is there a work around or best practice to ...