Diary of a Marketing Ops Director - Week 3

Blog Post created by 49c5624628985b6f7a2aaff856fa4e796e325dac on Nov 14, 2016

Well, I missed week 2...whew, where did it go? Okay, so note to self, when planning a weekly update, make sure you have it in your calendar otherwise everyone books you in meetings.


So, this week we removed a whole load of dirty data. How? Well, first we installed a contact washing machine to catch data moving forward. You know, the types of data that nobody wants to see like 123, abc, etc. Next, we dove into SFDC and looked at the sales queues and removed 42,000 leads that were marked as Dead/Bad data to clear out the noise for the sales teams. Well, after that, we saw a huge uptick in good leads being passed with correct info. So much so, that we received three emails about how great the leads are looking. Yay team.


To build a contact washing machine is really pretty straight-forward. You can use smart campaigns and simply check for bad or missing data and then add them to a junk list or bad data list so they do not sync over. For more info on this check out this blog on how to build one: http://developers.marketo.com/blog/how-to-clean-your-marketo-database/


Oh, well, in addition to all the lead clean up, I worked with a consultant group to scope out the process for daisy chaining our operations programs together--more on that next week. Then, I hired two people who start in the next two weeks. Our team is growing.


This week was spent in a lot of meetings getting to know everyone and learning roles and responsibilities. Meanwhile, many people have pulled me aside to handle "special projects." Well, I have been taking copious notes with a common response, "I will get back to you on an ETA for that project." All chuckling aside, it seems there is a pent up demand for marketing ops projects. Well, off to get my team on-boarded so we can rock and roll. More next week.