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Our MUG has been selected as one of the first chapters to pilot the new platform that the MUG program will use moving forward. We will be using this tool to help your MUG better connect with other users, stay updated on upcoming events, and access slide decks and presentation materials from past meetings.



Introducing Bevy Labs

Bevy, a scalable community events platform, powers the in-person communities of Atlassian, Slack, Duolingo, Twitch, MuleSoft, and others. Through a strong Marketo integration, a branded community hub, and powerful analytics, Bevy is here to ensure our MUG Chapter’s success.



Here is the landing page to our MUG site:



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We have an active search going for a senior Marketo Program Manager in our Seattle office for our Socrata Data & Insights Division at Tyler Technologies. If you or someone you know is interested, please send resume to


I'm looking to hire a marketing automation manager in the Seattle area to own the creation and strategy for email marketing campaigns. This role will plan, create and deliver global, scalable email campaigns to drive demand for our products across prospects and customers buyers journey. This role requires strategy development, hands-on implementation, project management, data analysis, creative problem solving and an understanding of the business. Ideal candidates are passionate about owning strategies, testing and learning, and driving conversions to hit goals. The role will collaborate with many functional teams in AWS and Training and Certification including training delivery, business development, central marketing automation, field marketing and others.


Please apply if you're interested or reach out if you know somebody who would be a good fit!

Hello Seattle Marketo User Group Members,


Seattle-area Marketo users are invited to a networking + lunch event on June 16th, Noon-1:30pm, in Downtown Seattle.


Focus will be “Challenges of Managing a Lead Lifecycle”, sponsored by Full Circle Insights, hosted by Qumulo.



Space is limited - please RSVP to reserve a spot:



Date & Time: June 16th, 2016; Noon - 1:30pm

Location: Qumulo Headquarters, 1501 4th Avenue, Suite 1600

Presenters: Michael Korch, Sr. Mgr., Demand Generation, Qumulo; Jay Dennison, Director of Sales & Partnerships, Full Circle Insights

I wanted to share a simple snippet I didn't find on the community that I thought people may find useful.


When you have a use case for manipulating a date to support a business need (timezone adjustment, formatting, etc), velocity has a pretty simple set of utilities associated with the date object. In this case I'm pulling in two values, one is date-time on the Opportunity the other is string on the Lead which represents US timezones. You can easily modify this timezone for any other criteria as needed this just happened to be the use case I had recently.


Please note you can lean this code out for cleanliness but I wanted to make it easier to read, also this example the client wanted the dates in PST, MST, CST, or EST.

If you want to adjust for daylight savings time or for a global client I would highly recommend performing the logic within CRM, there are several options out there that will provide you a timezone integer that can be put on a contact/lead field making this a lot easier to build. But as you know, sometimes you're asked to do something that has to be done under less than ideal situations.


The key thing that I discovered when I worked on this particular use case was the power of the Calendar utility, I found an awesome resource here that helped greatly.

It would be great to see Marketo add more use cases like this on our community.


Adding Days and Comparing Dates


##Get Appointment Time which is DateTime
#set($appointment = $convert.parseDate(${OpportunityList.get(0).NextPhoneCallAppointment__c}, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"))
#set ($z=$convert.toCalendar( $appointment ))

##Get TimeZone
#set ($studentTimeZone = "MST") ##placeholder in case value is NULL
#set ($studentTimeZone = ${lead.Timezone__c})

##if statement to update student's appointment based off timezone
#if ($studentTimeZone == 'EST')
  #elseif ($studentTimeZone == 'CST')
    #elseif ($studentTimeZone == 'PST')
  #elseif ($studentTimeZone == 'MST')

##display medium format