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Adobe - Marketo | First Partner Exclusive Webinar| Key Takeaway Points

Blog Post created by Karan Hari Champion on Nov 15, 2018

So we had our first Marketo - Adobe partner exclusive webinar the other day. Below are the key take away points that were discussed and a few questions that were asked and answered by adobe.


Points of Discussion

  • Introduction of Marketo, our capabilities in the B2B space, and our extensive global customer base across a broad mix of industries
  • Introduction of adobe experience cloud to Marketo Users
  • Discussed Marketo's strong positioning in the B2B space as a solution provider for complex marketing challenges. Since Adobe has about 40% of their customer base in the B2B space, now with this acquisition, Adobe is looking to leverage Marketo's capabilities and together establish ourselves as a strong solution provider in complex ares like Lead Management, Personalization & AI, Account Based marketing, Advanced analytics and attribution
  • Although it was asserted that there would be no changes in Q4, We did discuss the rules of engagement for Q4 and the concept of a decision tree on how to handle situations in case of customers who might be using both Marketo & Adobe
  • Marketo partners will still have sandbox and additionally, Marketo partners can also sign up for access to adobe partner portal and start leveraging it


Question that were asked and answered


Regarding the data, if Marketo is synced with a particular CRM, what would be the impact on the data that are synced between Marketo and the respective CRM? And how would the adobe acquisition impact the database?

We do not expect any impact to the data or the ability to integrate and sync data from CRM providers.. Over time there might be opportunities to leverage adobe technologies to manage data and CRM Sync but nothing for now


How would this acquisition impact certifications?

Adobe recommends getting certified in both technologies as it would help in leveraging the technologies


Marketing plan to speaking with customers who use both Marketo and Adobe?

Follow decision tree, Follow used case model on B2B and B2C, assess the customer satisfaction and make judgement based on that, field sales and account management teams can give a better perspective on that


With the Marketo and Adobe coming together, what would be the immediate impact in terms of the operational activities that are available in Marketo ? For example would certain key areas like lead nurture and email blast etc be migrated to the adobe campaign software? If so, would there be any additional support for the same?

Currently the future plans cannot be addressed, but based on used cases in terms of B2B and B2C, technologies could be leveraged accordingly. For example, in future, email editor could be merged into one as it does not make sense for having 2 separate email editors.


Will Marketo remain a standalone component in the Experience Cloud and intergate in Campaign / Analytics / Target / .. to enhance their capabilities?

Marketo will become a component of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Of course, integrations with other solutions will be considered and prioritized on the product roadmap.


What does this mean for adobe campaign? is it being replaced? where does Marketo fit the the marketing cloud pie?

Adobe Campaign will continue to be a strategic part of Adobe's Experience Cloud portfolio.


Is Adobe doing anything at the spring Adobe Summit that will focus on Marketo? Should Marketo services partners consider exhibiting?

Marketo will have "track" of sessions at Summit as well as being integrated into otehr relevant Experience Cloud sessions.


What role for specialists are there within the Adobe Partner System or are you looking for Adobe generalists?

With an estimated $7B services market, Adobe has great need for partners who specialize in certain solutions as well as partners who do well with cross-solution offerings.


What access with Marketo partners get to other Adobe Products – sandboxes, training etc. to further understand their capabilities?

I'll cover this part shortly, but access to Adobe products is a benefit of Adobe's Solution Partner Program. Marketo partners are encouraged to join the program immediately.


If we want to expand our Marketo management services offering to Adobe products, what is the process?

We would encourage you to join Adobe's Solution Partner Program. There is no cost for you to join.


Will there be integration of Adobe exp manager and Marketo or its like Marketo will be merged in it?

Marketo will be a separate capability, much like Adobe Campaign. There are opportunities to integrate Marketo and AEM to capture online behavior and personalize experiences through Marketo campaigns.


How can a Marketo partner become an Adobe partner program member and benefit from the Adobe's solution Partner program? Will we have to reapply ? Will it be automated ?

You are welcome to register immediately for Adobe's Solution Partner Program. We will be looking at harmonizing with Marketo's Partner Program over the coming weeks and months and will communicate out to you when we have further guidance.


Will the Marketo instance pricing stay the same? or it might be higher due to the acquisition?

We do not expect any change in pricing as a result of the acquisition.


Will Adobe partners have access to the Marketo Sandbox?

We will be working with the Marketo team to make this happen over the next few months. If you have a more immediate need, please work with your alliance manager.


Is there going to be any changes to the way tags (Marketo tags and Adobe tags) are currently handled?

We are adding Marketo and Bizible extensions to Adobe Launch. There are no immediate changes to data collection but there are clearly benefits to simplifying data collection over time.


Will current Marketo partners get access to Adobe Campaign for sales, demox, and sandboxes?

Yes, you can access these by joining Adobe's Solution Partner Program.


How are you mapping the Marketo Partner Tiers to Adobe? When will that happen?

These mappings are still under discussion. We will proactively communicate to all partners when appropriate.


Will existing Marketo partner status be grandfathered into the adobe ecosystem? At what level?

We are still discussing these details. Once decisions have been made, we will proactively communicate them out to you all.


What is the structure/hierachy of the Adobe Solution Partner Program?

Adobe's Solution Partner Program has a 4 tier leveling system. More details here: https://solutionpartners.adobe.com/home/program/benefits.html


How should partner consultant look at this merger in terms of getting certified on both Camapign and Marketo?

We highly encourage you to seek out the training and certification for the technology you require. These certifications will transfer once we harmonize programs.


I know I was extremely curious since the acquisition happened and was waiting for answers to a few questions. So couldn't wait to pass on these details to my fellow marketers out there who are looking for answers too. Hope the above details are helpful.