Normalize Geography

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Why data normalization of Geography not out of the box waiting to be turn on in Marketo? It should be right? I mean Geography names and acronyms are not changing anytime soon. I don't know abut you, but myself as a Marketer, I constantly have lists from 3rd parties, events, and other sources where the data points are not consistent. This means I have to standardize the data before importing it into the system. This takes time to do, and is a bit of a pain since I keep wishing I had an intern to do it quickly. Realizing this isn't something I was getting away from doing anytime... I have built out a program to automate the standardization of geography as the lead comes in. I close this program and edited it from a trigger to a batch to ensure the leads in my DB were also up to standard, just in case. Yet let me break this down a bit more.


EX: I have seen Oregon written: Oregon, Ore., Oreg., Ore, and OR... yet I only want my system to have OR.


The automated data normalization logic I set up is:

SmartList Trigger = Lead was created & State is: Oregon, Ore., Oreg., Ore

Flow = State is: Oregon, Ore., Oreg., Ore  then change state to OR


If your system is new, create these right away and never have to fix geography again... if not, create these twice with a batch and trigger to ensure your DB is up to date.


Like this? Vote for the idea: Out of Box - Geography Data Normalization


Hope this helps make it so you never have to normalize Geo again.